Courses 1


Mandatory Courses-Online

Homotoxicology I– Homotoxins, Concept, Function & philosophy, Clinical remedies, Sarcodes, Nosodes, Isopathy, Tautopathy

Homotoxicology II– Disease tables and disease process from acute to chronic and detoxification

Homotoxicology III– Homotoxicology for Systems

Homotoxicology VI– Homotoxicology for Systems

4 Modules


Gemmotherapy I– History, Concept, Production, Function, Detoxification

Gemmotherapy II– Single Gemmo Remedies

Gemmotherapy III– Combination Gemmo Remedies

Gemmotherapy VI– Gemmotherapy for systems

4 Modules


Oligotherapy I– Concept & Function of Trace Minerals

Oligotherapy II– Single Trace Minerals

Oligotherapy III– Combination Trace minerals

3 Modules


Biochemic Salts I- Concept, philosophy & Function, Detoxification

Biochemic Salts II– Single cell salts

Biochemic Salts III– Combination cell salts

3 Modules


Therapeutic Pytotherapy I– Herbal mother tinctures

Therapeutic Pytotherapy II-Herbal combination tinctures

2 Modules


Therapeutic Nutrition I– Food & Health, Food & Illness, Digestion, Metabolism, Assimilation, Enzymes, Probiotic

Therapeutic Nutrition II– Food & Neurotransmitter, mood, Motivation and Mental balance, Acid-Alkaline PH balance

2 Modules


Cellular & Functional Detoxification I– Homotoxicolgy, Gemmotherapy, Cell salts, Phytotherapy

1 Module

Mental Health & Brain Activity I– Brain function, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Hyperactivity, Dementia

1 Module

Spirituality and Health I– Philosophy of Prayer and spirituality on health

1 Module


Diploma Level I

Diploma Level II

Diploma Level III