Seminars & Events

We are offering

Live talk, retreat and workshops on health and happiness on regular basis for our students, patients, public, parents, schools, medical and legal professionals. We will deliver lectures to educate people how to be healthy and happy from different point of views. Our seminars are educational, informative and life changing. We will cover different health and healing topics and will be pleased to answer your health concerns and questions.

Our educators are well trained and educated in natural and quantum medicine and are internationally well known, enthusiastic and ready to pass their knowledge and expertise to our students. We keep our promise and vow to commit to our principles and carry the highest quality and standard of teaching and education to our students to become leading educators around the planet.

                                “We are confident”

Series on Health & Happiness ( ASK QUESTIONS)- Free Admission & Open to Public

March            31th               12:00-1:30         Live on Facebook Live Event – Questions & Answers

April               7th                 12:00-1:30         Live on Facebook Live Event- Questions & Answers

April               14th               12:00-1:30        Live on Facebook Live Event- Questions & Answers

April                 28th            12:00-2:00         Panel Discussion Forum at Bio Quantum Academy